How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news... Romans 10:15
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Hello Friends!
We're enjoying our incredible trips to the Orient. We want to thank you so much for your giving and especially your prayers. YOU are a BIG part of what God is doing in China. We truly believe that as we reach out to CHINA and bring the precious scriptures to them it will effect a generation and 'transform' the nation. A new CHINA is quickly emerging and to God be the glory!

How about a few stats?

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In CHINA 8-10% of the population which is said to be up to 140 million, is Christian. Can you imagine it? The Church in CHINA is growing at a very fast rate, somewhere around 3 million a year. This is an incredible opportunity for us to take part in getting the Word/Bibles to these hungry new believers.

Pray Now for misssions and missionaries world-wide.

Pray for missionaries world-wide. Persecution is very real and a lifestyle to many nations of this world. Who would ever think that going to prison would be considered 'seminary training school'? Putting our lives in God's hands is not something that happens once in a while... it's a way of life. Life in Jesus Christ, our Messiah.

World Missions - Africa

South Africa

Mission field opportunities going into: China, Colombia, Jamaica and South Africa. Please keep us in your prayers.
God Bless, ~The Roz's

Snapshots from our online photo galleries


We have a wealth of photos for you to browse in our online photo galleries. We pray these photos will help to give you a better picture of what God is doing in CHINA and how you can be a part of the huge harvest field in CHINA.

KUAIZI - some things just don't change

Chopsticks are called "Kuaizi". In traditional Chinese culture chopsticks still remain an intregal part of tableware even after some 3,000 years.

When in CHINA remember: some consider left-handed chopstick use improper etiquette.


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